January 12, 2016 - Meeting Agenda
Monday, Jan 11, 2016 12:45 pm
January 12, 2016 - Meeting Agenda



Text Box: NOTICE IS HEREY GIVEN that a town board meeting for the Town of Dewey in the County of Burnett, State of Wisconsin, for transaction of business as is by law required or permitted to be transacted at said meeting, will be held a the Dewey Town Hall in said town on January 12, 2016 at the Town Hall at 8:00 pm. Agenda for said meeting is as followings and was posted one (1) day prior to meeting.





  1. Open Meeting
  2. Read and approve minutes of December 10, 2015 regular town board meeting
  1. Read and approve treasurer’s report
  2. Public comments
  3. Discussion and possible action on repairs to N. Bashaw Lake Road
  4. Discussion and possible action on town workers wages
  5. Discussion and possible action on town building, grounds, equipment and Road Report
  6. Review monthly correspondents
  7. Approval of monthly expenditures   (Motion to approve checks  to in the amount of $)
  8. Set date for February, 2016 regular board meeting
  9. Adjourn


The above notice was posted in the following locations on 1/9/2016

Corner of Swiss Chalet Rd and Spring Lake Road

Corner of B and Town Hall Road

At the Town Hall